“Lust and Love”

—So interchanangable
And yet
All I really want
Is to feel your skin against mine
To press you lips to mine and have a taste
Of the sweet, sweet fruit
And to scrape my nails against your chest
And along your back
I want your fingerprints
To leave their mark
And your teeth
To stain my skin
And after all is said and done
Lay in your arms forever
And do it all again.

tonight I go to sleep listening to the past

tonight I try to find out just how long I can last

tonight I toy with dice though they’ve been already cast

tonight I again realize the universe is so vast



Rain falls,

day to night

and night to day.

A breathe out

clouds the air

and look up;

there it is

the sun,

the light.

(via slowly-wilting)


They say that the first cut
is the deepest.
I disagree.
Because the first cut
doesn’t completely
grasp the gravity
of the situation.
It isn’t until
you’ve practiced
that you realize
what you really want.

(via slowly-wilting)

"Midnight Run" ~ R.L

"Midnight Run" ~ R.L

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"Sometimes" ~ R.L

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"The Way" ~ by R.L

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